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Early on, I was registered as an Independent and voted sparatically.  I felt as though my vote didn’t mean anything and, being independent, I was barred from voting in the primary, saw little reason to vote for candidates in the general election.  I never talked politics, but felt that things were wrong and needed changing.  It wasn't until late 2008 that I got involved...

On Veteran's Day 2008, I attended a rally in Philadelphia for Dr. Ron Paul.  The rally left me motivated and thinking of ways to help the Ron Paul campaign here in Pennsylvania.  Knowing the basics of the political spectrum, I knew Dr. Paul’s chance of winning was slim to none but I carroed on and created RonPaulPA.com.

RonPaulPA.com quickly became a networking and resource tool for the grassroots movement across Pennsylvania while gaining the attention of the national campaign.  The site mirrored the national site and provided an edge for success in Pennsylvania and a way to share information, documents, and tools quickly without relying on a busy, national campaign office.  The site grew and I quickly became a state coordinator for the campaign, making the site more powerful and useful for the grassroots.

After the 2008 Election, I made the trip to Minnesota for the Rally for the Republic and saw that promises were not kept.  I came back to Pennsylvania rejuvenated and ready to build an Independent movement in Pennsylvania. The movement would work with the Campaign for Liberty and the other groups that were sure to follow in its footsteps.  At first I tried to adopt my concepts into the Independent Pennsylvania Campaign for Liberty, which with a board of seven, and from which I saw nothing grow or advance.  After The Pennsylvania Campaign for Liberty was turned over to Interim State Coordinator, David Jahn, I set my efforts on creating his vision for Pennsylvania.  This vision transformed into PARevolution.

On January 1, 2009, I released PennsylvaniaRevolution.com. Spending three months adding and uploading educational information, tools, and resources for the launch.  Understanding the three stages (Education, Uniting, Revolution) of a Revolution, my goal was to focus Pennsylvania Revolution on stage one, Education.  Pennsylvania Revolution’s goal would be to provgride factual news, events, and information to bring additional people into the growing movement for liberty.

The second stage of a revolution is Uniting, this is being done on PARevolution.com by the Group Directory.  The uniting of liberty groups started as the Unite-PA Project by PARevolution.com.  Unite-PA’s listing of groups and their events on one site would directs citizens whom have a passion to get involved the resources on where to get involved.  

Once the groups unite, which we are starting to see, the third stage will be started and the Revolution will begin in Pennsylvania.

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