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Straw Poll Update

We ran into some programming issues with version 1.5, so we are going directly to 2.0.  The app is in progress and is planned for release in early April 2013.  Some of the changes include a new user interface in the Admin area and the ability for you to change the app home screen logo.  I am working on resolving a bunch of bugs and also better documentation and a first load help screen to make setup a little easier.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Straw Poll App Update 1.5

The next version (1.5) should be available in the app store in the coming weeks.  Included in the next version will include some new features including reordering questions, new options, more details, a cleaned up admin user interface and more.  Stay tuned here for the latest information.

Total List of Updates:
- Ability to reorder questions
- Option to disable Voter ID Field (old Unique ID)
- Option to disable E-Mail Receipt
- Ability to reset password
- Ability to rename poll
- More Information (provide details on a poll selection)
- Ability for write-in response
- Now shows a confirm e-mail address when using E-Mail Receipt

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