Straw Poll (iPad)


If you’re looking to host a poll at school, a conference, rally, meeting or anywhere you want to get to know your audience better, the Straw Poll App is for you.

The app was built to run and compile Political Straw Polls at political conferences and meetings. The conference attendee would validate their attendance and receive a unique Voter ID (VID) to complete the electronic poll. Since Version 1, we have added new features and the ability to turn off the Voter ID (VID).

Version 2 release - early April 2013
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First you have to verify the voter. This still is done by humans (in version 1), where you will have a list of allowed voters mark them as voted and provide them with their Unique 5 Character UDID.

Then the voter goes to vote. First typing in the UDID then proceeding to the Straw Poll Questions.

After the questions, the user has the option to send the results to themselves via e-mail (a first in Elections, Straw Polls and Exit Polling).

Hit done and the app is ready for the next voter! 

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