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I have been designing web-sites since 1998 using HTML in notepad, over the years I have expanded into multiple languages and content management systems.  Here are a few I have designed over the years. (Updated - March 2012)
  Converted the web-site to Joomla 2.5 and updated the template for more social interaction and a live event page during the conference. 

plcwebsite v2 sub (Updated - January 2012)
  Converted the web-site created in 2010 from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5.

scottrdavis (OFFLINE -2012)
 Started in 2009 as a grassroots web-site dedicated to providing education and support to liberty in Pennsylvania, the web-site has grown leaps and bounds.  To kick off 2012 a new web-site was launched.

parevolution2 (LIVE - 2011)
  Worked with Megan Barto in creating a custom web-site designed around her.

megansbarto (OFFLINE - 2012)
  Ron Paul is running for Presdient in 2012 and it was time to relaunch

ronpaulpa (LEGACY - 2010)
  The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference was using a custom built web-site built years ago.  The leadership council was looking for a 20th century look and ability to update the site themselves.

paleadershipconference (OFFLINE - 2010)
  The Dauphin County Young Republicans were using a web-site which was limited and hard to update, while the system it was running on maintained several errors on the site.

dauphinyrsorg (LEGACY - 2009)
  I was getting started in politics after the Ron Paul Campaign and  I saw the need to continue to build tools to allow the different grassroots groups in Pennsylvania to unite and work together. 

parevolution (OFFLINE - 2008)
  After attending a rally and dug into Ron Paul, I felt he was the man I wanted to stand with.  I changed from Independent to Republican and built this web-site, from the web-site I became a state coordinator for the campaign and worked hard on winning PA for Ron Paul.



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